Rosewood logo

Police procedural

Running time 42-45 minutes
Creator Todd Harthan

Morris Chestnut
Jaina Lee Ortiz
Gabrielle Dennis
Anna Konkle
Domenick Lombardozzi
Lorraine Toussaint

Country of origin United States
Original network Fox (2015 - present)
Original run September 23, 2015
No. of episodes 39 (as of Feb 24 2017)
No. of Seasons 2
Official website
IMBD profile summary

Rosewood is an American police procedural drama series that premiered on Fox on September 23, 2015. It was created by producer and writer Todd Harthan. The drama series follows Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr., who played by Morris Chestnut, a Miami’s top private pathologist and works alongside tough-as-nails Detective Annalise Villa.

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